face à face : Laïna

Laïna as known as The Head of the LaBella mafia, as known as Catus, as known as Sista Gal, as known as MyWifey, as known as Laï, as known as The Greatest, 18 ans :


pour quoi t’habilles-tu ?

Good question cuz I really like to see me with no stuff on (LAUGHS)

pour qui t’habilles-tu ? 

Me, Myself and… I

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quelles influences dans ce que tu portes : 

My influences can come from every single thing I appreciate such as music, movies, artists I like, series I am watching or art in a very general way. Without lying I feel like instagram is the best platform to get inspo. I see girls from all over the world and I feel kinda close to them because of what they are wearing, and what it says about them. (3 essential inspirations: @palomija @graceladoja @larrydavid420)

DSCF6448DSCF6459DSCF6463Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

quelle relation entre ton corps et les habits que tu portes ?

I really love the fact that I can ask my clothes to enhance my body in different ways depending on my mood. My waist, my legs, or neckline… All together or one at a time. And sometimes I choose to show nothing. Because I don’t want to.


le style, pour toi :

I think you are stylish when you feel really confident and confortable with the clothes you have on, and the most important: when you feel YOURSELF. And it doesn’t have to be everyone’s style. Because it is yours. Own it!

ton style, pour toi :

I cannot say that I have a specific style. My style is different every day, and so is my attitude. I can choose to be whatever I want. From the « mean girls » pink mini skirt to the 90s baggy.


Amélie Zimmermann.


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